Mark Greene in different eras, 2018, circa 1962 and circa 2003. Picture below, probably on or not long after Christmas Day, 1960, next to his mother in Michigan (more photos of Mark on “media” and “contact & donate” pages).

This is Mark; I’m running to bring or return patriotism and spirit to our city government, with an easy participatory atmosphere for Federal Way citizens who have the time or desire to be involved with city operations (see icons towards bottom of the home page for more about me).

The Revived Citizens Party’s motto: Tradition, Progress, Ecology: Strength and Nation.

We need contributions in order to win. Two Hundred Seventy $5 contributions from 270 supporters would be a great start. We’re looking into an internet payment system; in the meantime, please consider putting a check or money order in the mailbox. Thanks.

Paid for by the All-American Relief & Mark Greene Committee
P.O. Box 25781, Federal Way, WA 98093