Mark Greene For Mayor of Federal Way. A writer, playwright, legal assistant, politician & veteran to make a difference (box links, below, lead to Mark’s photos).

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Our Message:

Federal Way has been taken over for most of the last decade by a liberal mayor who has given into the demands of his liberal and leftist base, including declining a patriotic-themed logo, and flying leftist flags.

Federal Way wants good jobs and housing stock, a reliable & maintained infrastructure, clean streets, and strong support of our police force. Mark wants schools to teach basics, not preach politics. Mark wants solutions to city problems based on the people’s rationality, not “woke” theory. Govt. under Mark Greene’s mayoralty would practice Athenian-style civil polity, not identity politics.

OF YOUNG & ELDERLY BASE: FRIENDS OF MARK: No, there’s no photo of the candidate on the front page (see “about,” “media,” and “contact & donate” sections for Mark’s photos), as campaigns are primarily about issues…or should be…and secondarily about personalities, and to make that point succinctly, we decided to make the front page supporter-and-friend focused. Regarding the conventional media & press, they are not objective, they use self-fulfilling prophecy to tell you what they want you to hear, and if they tag a candidate as unwinnable, they know the mob will follow them…don’t fall for that.

Mark Greene’s huge young & elderly base are leading the way to a triumphal vote & upset victory in the City of Federal Way. Whatever your age bracket, join the support. Thank you.


Mark Greene believes in retaining, by and large, the traditional norms, customs and traditions of America. Mark is the centrist politician that Federal Way, Washington needs in the mayoral seat.

Be sure to view semi-daily blog posts to keep up with the campaign, its ideas, events and anything new that's going on. Also, see our school & education edition.  Thanks.  
-- All-American Relief & Mark Greene Committee


Mark is a natural-born citizen, originally from the Midwest, but has lived in Washington longer than any other state in the nation. A veteran honorably discharged from the USMC (1972 – 1974), a graduate from a two-year college, and a writer, playwright, legal assistant & politician.


Mark was meritoriously nominated for promotion to Corporal in the USMC while working with newly transferred Marines and assisting them with getting checked-in and adjusted to life at the helicopter base he worked at.

In Mark’s post-Marine career, he worked with law firms in the field of business law, thus helping companies settle, ward off or defend against lawsuits, thereby keeping the engines of business running, and worker employment and productivity unhindered.


Mark Greene, candidate for mayor, and his populist, socially conservative Revived Citizens Party look out for the Common Man, embody traditional patriotic values, embrace the environmental spirit of the 21st century, care about the natural world that all of us inhabit, but at the same time are not radical about the environment, and are in lock-step with our conservative youthful and elderly base.

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The current Mayor of Federal Way is an ex-Republican turned card-carrying liberal. Ferrell caved in to pressure from the radicals and torpedoed the patriotic-themed logo design for Federal Way. Ferrell is appointing leftist council members, flying leftist flags, and bowing to almost every leftist demand as though they were his puppeteers.

Mark will bring the debate about the logo back, and with that, propose a patriotic logo with Washington & Lincoln depictions instead of Mount Rainier, and will ask the Council to rename 320th Street to Veterans Way…citizenship matters.

Mark will lead as a populist centrist mayor that will uphold the laws as well as the rights of citizens, and make sure that Federal Way does not become part and parcel of the New Left’s cultural revolution.

Your $5 contribution is important to get Mark on the ballot by May 21st. We’re going to need two hundred seventy supporters to donate by that date, and more thereafter to keep the campaign in good financial shape.

Facebook and Twitter may think they run Federal Way's mayoral election, but let's show them who's boss...the People of Federal Way.  Donate to Mark by clicking on the box, above, directing to the page with the details, then put who runs our city government in the hands of the People.  Facebook and Twitter took Mark off their platforms, but we can effectively repeal their interference in Federal Way's mayoral election with $5 donations apiece to the All-American Relief & Mark Greene Committee coffers, which funds Mark's campaign.  An initial 200 donors gets us off to a good start.

Please volunteer to help get Mark elected by contacting us and telling us the amount of time you can contribute per month, and if you would prefer to do (1.) computer & administrative work, or (2.) door-to-contact and leafleting, or (3.) sign waving and/or modeling. Also, the campaign will need two hundred seventy $5 donations to get on the ballot. For every multiple of five that you donate, that, of course, is one less person of the 270 that we’ll need…a big help! [See contact page for our email address and phone no.; please use “volunteer” and/or “donor” for subject headings if emailing…thank you.]

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