Wanted: Cheerleaders At Ringside

We’re trying to fill out the “Friends of Mark” ranks throughout this month of June, 2021…and beyond…and we need to be particularly local for this election season (in other words, Seattle-Federal Way-Tacoma area), but All-America is welcome to apply, regardless. “Friends of Mark” are the elite volunteers for the campaign, and you can read about the details on our membership page. Industriousness, Western civilizational, as well as being God-fearing, athletic and strong-minded, are the traits that elder statesman Mark is looking for. The “ringside” terminology is about promoting this campaign as “The Heavyweight Bout of the Century,” as the Greene campaign goes up against the Ferrell Machine (out-of-town gentry and out-of-touch liberalism presiding over Federal Way).

“Friends of Mark” are just one aspect of our volunteer ranks, which the campaign stresses is elite and limited, and are essentially cheerleaders with a different or more comprehensive range of electioneering tasks than general volunteers, but just about anybody, male or female, can be in the General Volunteer ranks, so please sign up for the latter if the former doesn’t fit you or not your cup of tea. See the “contact page” for more information about “General Volunteers.”

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