The Generation

We added “The Generation” to the “Friends of Mark” tagline on this website, so as to show in all the main titles, “Friends of (The Generation) Mark,” which has a double entendre meaning, indicating for one, that The Friends are of a young generation, either latter-day Millennial Generation or the succeeding early-day Generation Jumpstart. The primary meaning is that they are not just Friends of Mark, but Friends of their own generation, as this generation (latter Millennial – early Jumpstart) is in the forefront of increasing our outreach to younger voters in general, a “Sleeping Giant” in politics, and possibly determining election outcomes, if only they would vote and challenge conventional political thought, but that certainly doesn’t mean following the orders of a radical leftist weekly publication in Seattle (believe it or not, that weekly, once or more, said that their endorsements were orders). We suggest being independent thinking on every issue; do your own research and follow your own mind & philosophy.

The Mark Greene For Mayor campaign is going out of our way to attract younger voters in order to shake up the Federal Way mayoral race that “Empire” (the mainstream press) is obviously disregarding by keeping a biased curmudgeon as their political columnist (Roegner), who has been long controversial in Federal Way. Their regular reporter wasn’t impressive, either, with her May 24th, 2021 slight of the Greene campaign…but we think that’s the way it’s going to be with “Empire” all election season long, unfortunately.

We’re hoping to get “Generation” pamphleteers out on the streets to counteract “Empire’s” coverage, so please volunteer if you happen to be reading this essay (pick as many hours as you want to work, and, pretty much, select when you want to work those hours).

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