The Biden Land Rush

With their “co-conspirators” in the Mainstream Media keeping it under wraps (not talking about it, not reporting it), the Biden Government is quietly trying to get as many foreigners to invade America, i.e., come in illegally, or otherwise, as they can possibly get away with, without their government becoming a synonym for Benedict Arnold. Everything from all but abolishing Immigration & Customs Enforcement to 99.9% open borders; from giving just about every second-or-third-world foreigner that wants one, some kind of visa or asylum, to trying to get Americans comfortable in learning the “new” language…Spanish.

The Biden Government is the “invasion” government, and everything is going according to plan for the radical left, which pretty much means undermining the sovereignty of America and turning it into an international haven, which no real American will recognize in a decade if the Biden Government actually gets away with their brazen breach of national protocol and security. Moreover, if, in fact, they’re more successful than they or anyone could have ever imagined (and with the weak political opposition to their open borders operation, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be), the United States will have at least 400 million people by the start of the next presidential term, Jan. 20th, 2025.

Right now, our population is calculated at 331 million people or thereabouts (at best, only 300 million of those are actual citizens; maybe, really, only 280 or 290 million). 400 M would be about a 17% increase in just 4 short years. 20% is a more realistic number, because the Biden Government has the most fanatical internationalist, UnAmerican radicals inside it than any other government in American history, by a mile (including Obama’s). These drastic, quick increases in the population, especially with all the foreigners, will affect poor people, lower middle class, and people on modest fixed incomes the most dramatically, and not for the best.

Biden campaigned as a moderate, but is governing like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (she’s surprised, or kind of surprised, that his government turned out so “good,” by her standards)…so the Biden campaign was one of the biggest frauds in American history from turning away from what they campaigned on to how, in fact, they’re actually governing. They knew they were lying in the campaign (a caveat, however, Biden did say something in the campaign about how a couple of million foreigners moving in wouldn’t bother him)…with what is now known as their so-called moderate campaign, and their “for unity” inauguration farce…and are, effectively, trying to overturn the Revolution of 1776 through their slight, thanks-to-the -pandemic “victory.”

FOOTNOTE: For all the nonsense that Biden spews about his so-called concern for “black America,” it’s interesting that his “invasion,” which as I recounted above, and if fully successful (as it probably will be, unfortunately), would account for 17% of the American population, and that would be larger than the entire black American population, which is said to be about 13%, currently, but probably never more than 19%, historically, only counting real black Americans…not the more-or-less newly arrived African foreigners. So all Biden’s foreign newcomers, in 4 short years, would outstrip the entire population of real black America. That’s some “concern.” Biden is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, just like the radical left in general, when he starts talking his malarkey about how much he likes or loves blacks. P.S.: I take Wikipedia with a grain of salt, but it sounds reasonable that their number for the highest percentage of blacks, historically, was in the 18th and 19th centuries (around 19%).

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