Social Media Masters

I’m not bowing to Facebook and Twitter just because they don’t like my conservative politics, and I certainly won’t be twisting my writing in the hope that those companies would let me stay on their platforms if only I was a little more appeasing to their totalitarian whims. Leftist radical policies actually hurt the lower income people that they supposedly care about, e.g., a country as crowded as India and China in, say, 2024, would be a Purgatory for the poor. Not to mention that a lot of their left-wing practices may seem outwardly caring to society’s supposed outcasts or real ones, but these technocrats are the biggest hypocrites ever born.

Leftist technology masters seem reflexively anti-democratic, and exactly the kind of tin-pot dictators described so well in George Orwell’s “1984,” and certainly not running the fair platforms in which the government granted them special license to run, but shouldn’t be giving them anymore. Social media has become more or less the new public square, so F.W.’s mayoral election is unfair and anti-democratic because the masters that run it have banned me, but not my opponent. This is a problem that government should fix, and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is the only politician I’m aware of trying to do that.

I’ll be trying to win, regardless, but I’ll be letting our city and nation know that Big Tech is putting their thumb on the scale, again. They need to be broken up, Teddy Roosevelt-style, and, in the meantime, American “journalists” don’t need to focus on unfair elections in other countries, they have plenty to work with in their own territory.

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