So-called Journalist Roegner’s Bias Makes My Day

This post will be kind of short, because what sparked it came earlier in the day than I expected. However, do not expect good coverage of my campaign by “EmpIre” (please read Gore Vidal’s historical novel someday) & their so-called journalist Bob Roegner. They are all hard-core in Ferrell’s camp, and if you want to give your vote to them by being swayed by their overt bias, that’s your choice, but I hope most people will follow my blog, at least, and speak to me out on the hustings or on the phone (5:30 PM – 7:30 PM hours), or contact me through my email (responses may take as long as 48 hours).

Roegner is going to be disrespecting this campaign throughout the election season, because, being honest, he’s hardly a journalist in conventional terms…he’s a paid hack. I am sure that he and “Empire” are extremely disappointed in who Ferrell’s challenger is. In Roegner’s case, at least, no radical leftist for him to praise in this mayoral election (oh, the horror), but tough luck. Even I admit that Ferrell is more liberal than leftist. The election is between me (Mark Greene) and Jim Ferrell, and I really have an extra opponent called the press, but the saving grace is that their credibility with the American people gets lower every passing year.

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