Our Sector Representatives

SACAJAWEA SECTOR: [To be announced]

COMMONS SECTOR: [To be announced]

SOUTHERN SECTOR: [To be announced]

PANTHER SECTOR: [To be announced]

DASH SECTOR: [To be announced]

GOLF SECTOR: [To be announced]

HOYT SECTOR: [To be announced]

Note: This post will be updated every time we get a new sector representative, and they will also be listed on the home page when we have all seven of them. We will list names and ages. Sector Representatives should be at least 18 years old (we might go as young as 17 or 16 if we have trouble finding volunteers, and if there’s verifiable parental/guardian approval). Any under-18 representatives must have a friend(s) go with them at all times to houses.

Mark Greene is the candidate for mayor of Federal Way, 67 years old.

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