No Primary for Mayor

This year, there are only two candidates for Mayor of Federal Way, me and the incumbent. Four years ago, there were three candidates, including me and Deputy Mayor Susan Honda. In 2017, regardless of whether I had run or not, I believe there would have been more than two candidates, and, therefore, a primary. I believe, speculatively, people supporting Ferrell (I’m not saying the official Ferrell campaign itself, but supporters) wanted a primary in ’17, and they had somebody lined up if I had not put my name on the ballot, but since I was on the ballot, that didn’t happen.

This year, people supporting Ferrell are more confident, probably taking their cue from the Ferrell camp, and so there’s no primary. That’s good for me in a number of ways, not the least of which is I don’t have to worry about a Primary, and can more freely plan for the General Election.

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