Need An Energy Failsafe Sans Computers

With the attack on the privately owned Eastern oil company by foreign computer hackers, that affected Atlantic Seaboard oil & gas supplies, this is a wake-up call to national, state and local governments, and the need to develop failsafe systems that are not dependent on computers. Although the immediate problem for our nation, in this regard, is energy, the change needed should encompass government infrastructure in general, including the basic mechanics of running a government.

As Federal Way’s next mayor, I will oversee such a failsafe system for our city, and I will not be enacting Insleeism in any way. In other words, not generally depressing our fossil fuel-established energy grid to appease environmental radicals, but I would cooperate with a gradual, moderate approach of integrating conventional energy standards with what’s commonly called renewable energy. Believe me, despite the hysterics of a delusional, putting it nicely, congresswoman from N.Y., the world’s not going to end in 10 years because of climate change, but, of course, there’s no getting around the Book of Revelation, thank God, if that prophesized era just happens to line up with ours.’

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