Mad Scientists and the Role of the Government

Crazy experiments on aborted, assumedly lifeless, or maybe miscarried or stillborn, fetuses going on in our country, today; aborted fetus cells being used for pharmaceutical mills; scientists making viruses more virulent (for what?), and then giving China the blueprint; others trying to breed part human and part mouse, and probably other human-animal hybrids, for their crazed scientific experiments; just to name a few of the unethical, to put it mildly, experiments going on in the laboratories these days.

Government, especially the federal government, needs to do more to find out what’s going on in the laboratories and, if what they’re finding out is unethical or outright immoral, step in and stop it. The City of Federal Way could be at the forefront of bringing this important subject to the attention of America through ordinances that will serve notice to the practitioners and enablers of “mad science” that our town won’t tolerate it if you even think about bringing it here…and greater America shouldn’t tolerate it, either.

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