Inside The Gates

According to journalist Maria Bartiromo, even Biden thinks that China wants to own America within a mere generation, not that Biden is doing anything except helping them do just that. Through Biden’s Open Borders Policy and his feckless submission to Chinese rulers and military warlords, his government is helping to bring about the downfall of America (you see, Biden is corrupt). “UnAmericans” are already inside the gates by the multitudes, radical domestic/home-grown & foreign, including many naturalized (but I’m not saying or implying the majority of that huge latter group), that could care less about the sovereignty and integrity of America.

This includes the two foreign radicals in Seattle, Pramila Jayapal and Kshama Sawant, who are doing everything in their power to weaken the United States of America, yet, the delusional, to put it nicely, leftist and liberal Seattle voters have put them in power and are keeping them there. Jayapal is practically in total agreement with Biden and his “Open Borders,” if not one of the behind-the-scenes policymakers of it, though earlier this year, chided Biden for not letting in enough foreigners, who will, eventually, dominate our entire country that she and her leftist comrade, Sawant, obviously, care little for, as it’s presently constituted. Yet, she’s in Congress (George Orwell should be enshrined as the prophet of the 20th century).

China’s Xi Jinping is likely counting on the open borders of America, the radical leftists (like Jayapal and Sawant) causing chaos and disorder, and his, probably, tens of thousands of spies inside our nation giving him everything he needs to complete his plan to “own America.” Yet, we, America, continue to allow him to have operatives inside our universities and colleges, and, pretty much, look the other way as they control seditious, crooked politicians who should be tried for treason. They already have their hooks on Congressman Eric Swalwell and many other American politicians that the media talks less about or don’t know about, moreover, no telling if one or two of our own local politicians are ensnared in a “honey trap,” or something less oblique than that (that’s all I’ll say about local politicians, because it’s just speculation, and so-called journalist Bob Roegner may already be going bonkers with what I’ve written so far, if he reads this blog).

What we’re allowing China to get away with is insanity, and Biden knows it, but Biden doesn’t give a damn, because he’ll be living in a mansion whether a Xi-appointed viceroy (or his successor’s) is in charge of America, by circa 2040 (or sooner), or he’s president of the United States.

FOOTNOTE: Great journalist Maria Bartiromo’s Sunday show was illuminating, today (6/6/21). By the way, please don’t let anybody distort my words as meaning something that I didn’t write, say, or imply. I respect human beings and look at them as individuals, not races, by and large, wherever they’re from and whatever their race is, and have associated with all races (even if negligibly) and been nice to all in some way. I, generally, treat none differently.

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