From Mark’s Volunteers & $5-per-Contributor Campaign to Ferrell’s Thousand Dollar Donors

Membership in Friends of Mark costs zero, not even a penny. Several of Jim Ferrell’s donors or contributors, nevertheless, send him as much as a thousand dollars or more. Who in the world has a thousand dollars to send to a politician except a rich person? The money of the rich is the backbone of Ferrell’s campaign, as well as, likely, the CEOs of the businesses, per se, that send his campaign money, too.

Jim Ferrell’s campaign is funded, pretty much, by the rich (Mark only asks for $5 from his contributors), and these “friends of Jim,” to put it colloquially, are probably going to want their interests to come ahead of the city, at large. “At large?”…that’s putting it nicely, considering that in most of these cases, the period would come after “city,” since most of the Ferrell campaign’s high-paying contributors (a thousand dollars or more) aren’t even from Federal Way.

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