Form Problem

When our committee (the All-American Relief & Mark Greene Committee) noticed that we weren’t getting any messages on the forms of this relatively new website, particularly the one from the “contact & donate” page, we sent something to ourselves to check it out, but no telling where it went, since it didn’t come back to us. We weren’t able to fix the problem thus far, so we just deleted all forms and put an explanatory message on the “contact” page (see further below…in the box). If you happen to be someone that may have sent us a message through the forms, we didn’t get it, unfortunately, so please send your message(s) again. Now, we’re asking everybody that wants to write us to just write directly to Mark’s email address, which is listed on the “contact” page. Thank you.

Notice on the "contact & donate" page:

If you sent something on the form that was previously here, but now has been deleted, we didn't receive it due to a malfunction or disruption of some kind, please write again through the email above (no form); thanks.

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