Federal Way 4th of July Festival Canceled

The Ferrell Machine, which runs Federal Way City Hall, canceled the annual 4th of July Festival. Last year (pretty much the beginning of the covid pandemic, though technically in 2019), the cancellation was understandable, but this year, a mayoral election year, the decision looks political. Even the governor, Jay Inslee, announced that things need to start opening up on June 30th. I’m not endorsing anything, but by July 4, anybody that wants to be vaccinated has been or can be (by the way, this vaccine is coming up with some problems, recently). Moreover, the federal CDC reportedly said, recently, that the risk of outdoor transmission of covid was 1% or thereabouts (they recalculated after earlier citing 10% or thereabouts). Many scientists and doctors believe even 1% is too high, and that outdoor transmission is rare or fractional, at best.

Even if Ferrell made his decision early, like reported in the Mirror (though they didn’t give a time for when the decision was made, I believe), he could have opted for a scaled back festival that, perhaps, didn’t have all the whistles and bells that we’re used to. That would have been better than outright cancelling it. This is bad for Federal Way. It’s not based on science except that if we never went anywhere, anytime, we would be a hundred times safer from everything…ridiculous, of course…and lastly, it’s not great for politics, because politicians won’t be able to set up their booths and talk with the people as usual. Liberals and leftists used the pandemic for their own political ends in 2020, and so far 2021 appears to be no different.

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