F.W. Should Ban Tinkering With Embryos

A certain, so-called scientific outfit wants to extend the time limit on research on human embryos. Here’s my answer to them…NO RESEARCH PERIOD. The Republican majority Congress and the Republican President of 2017 – 2019 should have banned any research on embryos (and Congresses before that one should have as well); so now, the Democratic majority Congress and President, now presiding, should do the same, but that’s far less likely.

I just learned today, according to sciencealert.com, that the countries of Germany, Russia, Turkey, Italy and Austria do not allow any research on human embryos (I believe those were just examples, not the extensive list of countries that ban such research), but the United States is not one of them, but should be.

If elected mayor, I’ll propose that our city lead the way in shaping legislation that bans any kind of research on embryos, and that the deceased unborn are memorialized and/or their remains treated the same as the born. Regarding the latter point, respectful treatment of a deceased embryo is more an issue with abortion than any other kind of death, but regarding the ordinance, how the embryo unfortunately perished would not be written into it.

Incidentally, everyone knows I’m pro-life, and would outlaw abortion except to preserve the health or save the life of the mother. Many are pro-life, and in our country, women are the leaders of this movement.

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