“Empire” is Trying to Put Ferrell in a Good Light and Me in a Bad One

I wrote about “Empire” in one of the earlier posts, so as you know, they started off the active election season, after the May 21st candidate filing deadline, by calling me “perennial,” which is trying to be subtly insulting, at least, and by inference (wink, wink), you don’t need to take this election seriously. Now, today, they had a picture of Ferrell in his suit, looking diplomatic, while standing next to a “political” flag that looks like it’s getting the same exact standing as the American flag; so, effectively, putting it on par with our national flag.

So if you remember the old TV show, “Lost In Space”…”Warning, Warning”…this is the way “Empire” is going to do the election all summer and autumn long (the late Gore Vidal warned about the press, read his novel), which will be great for Ferrell, but not so great for me, putting it mildly. If I have learned anything from 2015, responding to the press bias by grousing and writing about it is not going to do a lot of good…though it’ll help some…so I, along with “the Friends,” will be taking my campaign to the People, and maybe doing some P.T. Barnum-like sideshows along the way. A little fun mixed in with the intellectualism.

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