By Commoners and Citizens

I never realized how hard it is for people to give donations the old-fashioned way; you know, put the check or money order in an envelope, and drop it in a mail box…too much work for the 21st century…so again, I’m redoubling efforts to have an internet payment system for this website (and others), but that’s not going particularly well, either. One well-known merchant company is a little batty with their “thousand” hoops to jump through, but their dislike for centrists and conservatives is so bizarre, I’m not that compelled to jump through them. I’ve been looking at various other merchant companies and not using them for one reason or another, but the last one or two that I’m focusing on may finally be the key, so I’ll make an announcement on the front page when or if that happens…hopefully soon.

My campaign only asks for $5 apiece, one-time, from contributors. This is not the Ferrell Machine that gets one thousand-dollar-or-more checks from out-of-town rich folks and businesses. My campaign is dependent on Federal Way commoners and citizens…not gentry…citizens that can donate $5 or less, and if I’m lucky, I’ll have a “donate” button on this website for that, soon. We need, at least, $500 to put a lot of decent campaign signs all over Federal Way. I have already loaned my campaign around $1700, and that will likely, though not necessarily, turn into an outright gift. We will get campaign paraphernalia, other campaign tools, and pay volunteer stipends with the first one or two thousand dollars we collect before paying off any loan, if any are paid off at all (but to be honest, my loan, in particular, will probably not be paid off). The campaign will probably not do mail-outs unless the donations are better than expected, which is why we’ll need, at least, 8-or-so general volunteers to go door-to-door in Federal Way with thousands of old leaflets that can be turned into makeshift; leaflets that are already paid for and owned. Thank you.

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