Bout of the Century: The Great Patriot Hope

Greene vrs. Ferrell: The Heavyweight Bout of the Century, Federal Way, Washington 

Yes, I’m the underdog in this match, but I am representing All-American lore & values, the stars & stripes, tradition, the Common Man Citizen and nationhood. With any luck, we, that support my campaign, can rally the patriotism and hopes of our great Federal Way citizenry and take back our city from the clutches of so-called liberalism, gradual leftism and romanticized Marxism, and those forces that are trying to force-walk Federal Way along the same route as radical Seattle.

This is the last great stand to keep King County from going 100% leftist, essentially a pro-democracy effort against Insleeism, totalitarianism and the internationalist/globalist canon that is enveloping over our nation so quickly that the “New Leninist” effort to consolidate their newfound power could be complete before the 2024 presidential election, which they would likely either cancel or turn into a laughable Potemkin affair, the outcome of which would not be in doubt, and the ruin of America practically complete.

Let’s make all that a little less certain with All-American victories from township to township, town to town, and city to city, in the nation at-large, with relatively unknown, little Federal Way leading the way.

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