Need An Energy Failsafe Sans Computers

With the attack on the privately owned Eastern oil company by foreign computer hackers, that affected Atlantic Seaboard oil & gas supplies, this is a wake-up call to national, state and local governments, and the need to develop failsafe systems that are not dependent on computers. Although the immediate problem for our nation, in this regard, is energy, the change needed should encompass government infrastructure in general, including the basic mechanics of running a government. As Federal Way’s next mayor, I will oversee such a failsafe system for our city, and I will not be enacting Insleeism in any way. In other words, not generally depressing our fossil fuel-established energy grid to appease environmental radicals, but I would cooperate with a gradual, moderate approach of integrating conventional energy standards with what’s commonly called renewable energy. Believe me, despite the hysterics of a delusional, putting it nicely, congresswoman from N.Y., the world’s not going to end in 10 years because of climate change, but, of course, there’s no getting around the Book of Revelation, thank God, if that prophesized era just happens to line up with ours.’

Social Media Masters

I’m not bowing to Facebook and Twitter just because they don’t like my conservative politics, and I certainly won’t be twisting my writing in the hope that those companies would let me stay on their platforms if only I was a little more appeasing to their totalitarian whims. Leftist radical policies actually hurt the lower income people that they supposedly care about, e.g., a country as crowded as India and China in, say, 2024, would be a Purgatory for the poor. Not to mention that a lot of their left-wing practices may seem outwardly caring to society’s supposed outcasts or real ones, but these technocrats are the biggest hypocrites ever born.

Leftist technology masters seem reflexively anti-democratic, and exactly the kind of tin-pot dictators described so well in George Orwell’s “1984,” and certainly not running the fair platforms in which the government granted them special license to run, but shouldn’t be giving them anymore. Social media has become more or less the new public square, so F.W.’s mayoral election is unfair and anti-democratic because the masters that run it have banned me, but not my opponent. This is a problem that government should fix, and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is the only politician I’m aware of trying to do that.

I’ll be trying to win, regardless, but I’ll be letting our city and nation know that Big Tech is putting their thumb on the scale, again. They need to be broken up, Teddy Roosevelt-style, and, in the meantime, American “journalists” don’t need to focus on unfair elections in other countries, they have plenty to work with in their own territory.

Blog Is Starting To Pick Up Viewers

Good news…due to some website analytics I have, that takes out my own views, I can see that my website is getting attention, and my blog is, in fact, being read. The post in which I mentioned that I’ve been more or less disconnected from some of my applicants for website modeling, because of a second Facebook suspension, is getting the most views…that’s interesting. I’m almost worried about another journalistic sham job, similar to the ones in 2019 about my Friends, who always seem to be controversial because they’re young women. The Friends are part of my outreach to a huge “young folks” voting bloc that I like to call a Sleeping Giant, because they haven’t been voting as much as older people have, but the potential to change elections and outcomes is great.

The boxing women are tongue-in-cheek and promotional (at least one is a real boxer, however). I don’t have $70,000 that Jim Ferrell has for his campaign, unfortunately, so I have to resort to P.T. Barnum-like gimmicks to make sure that my campaign gets noticed, and I don’t mind introducing a little fun into, oftentimes, humdrum politics. However, if “journalists” start using shady innuendo, distortions, exaggerations, or tagging me in unflattering terms, to put it nicely, sunshine is the best antidote. I’m not deleting anything because of their writing, the blog might suddenly become the home page, and I might even have to confess that I like young women…that’s okay, I’ll take it. Anyone that follows me so closely that they know my political history in minute detail also knows that I’ve been in court several times, and every time because I initiated the lawsuit. I may not be a lawyer, but my legal assistant experience has enabled me to know how to form a lawsuit if I can’t afford one. I take libel seriously.

American Art Museum For Federal Way

With all the leftist indoctrination going on in the colleges and universities these days, I’m less enthused about the prospect of a college in F.W., that has been talked about for the last several years, but I, as mayor, wouldn’t oppose one as long as there are no city costs. It would be great to have a classical, non-ideological college in the city, but who builds colleges like that anymore? The city could set some ground rules that would make it harder for potential academic ideologues to even think about violating the U.S. Constitution, but that’s about it. Basically, a college would be just another business that would employ our citizens and help the overall F.W. economy, but nothing wrong with that.

What I’m more enthusiastic about is the idea of an American Art Museum in Federal Way, a museum that would focus on American art and classics. As mayor, I would try to get private funders or philanthropists, artists, historians, museum experts and architects to get this going (I’m sure there’s a formal name for “museum experts,” but it’s not coming to me at the moment…maybe a commenter can send in the word I’m looking for). An American Art Museum would bring in a lot of visitors and business for Federal Way. We need a mayor that thinks outside the box to build up our economy and incentivize an artful niche that may help bring in sophisticated expertise and other types of businesses & attractions to F.W. (the other weekly columnist, more-or-less, for the Mirror, not Roegner, touched on this…I can’t think of his name at the moment, but I’ll have a post-script, later on).

New Page Added To Website

My campaign added a new page to this website, “Applicants Who Contacted Mark on Facebook.” This is about reestablishing contact with the models or prospective models who previously expressed interest in helping my campaign as a volunteer. Since Facebook suspended me, I effectively lost applicants’ contact information. No need to go into detail, here, just see the site menu at the top or bottom of the page, and click on the aforementioned title for a full explanation and details.

P.S. The new page might be temporary, so if applicable to you, please contact us (my campaign committee) as soon as possible.

Double the Numbers of Our Police

With politicians like Joe Biden and Gavin Newsom allowing hardened criminals to traverse our cities and towns from sea to shining sea, Americans need to be extra vigilant, and if I’m elected, I’m going to do everything possible to double the numbers of our police force, or at least come close to doubling. Our police will have the strong backing of City Hall, and will be given the benefit of the doubt in handling thugs, as long as rules, regulations and laws are being followed. Unlike some of the scenes that I see elsewhere in the country, seemingly always in cities with liberal/leftist mayors, people are not going to be allowed to assault officers, in any manner, without arrest. Hopefully, the radical legislators in Olympia (Claire Wilson, Jesse Johnson & Co.), in cahoots with Inslee, will not pass more thug-sympathy legislation. One more reason why we need common sense citizens to run for the Legislature and Congress.

P.S. Now, that I can’t rely on Facebook at any time, my campaign blogs become all-important for communication to my supporters. I’ll probably be writing something practically everyday, so keep a watch here or on the other sports-oriented blog (at the bottom of that website). Thanks.

Ex-Marine vs. Ex-Prosecutor: Be Strong

Jim Ferrell, the ex-prosecutor mayor, is out there campaigning already. I would be too, but Federal Way is just a city of 100,000 people, and I don’t see why campaigns for mayor have to be as long as campaigns for president of the United States. However, I, the ex-Marine, expect to be campaigning actively shortly after May 31st. In the meantime, my campaign is going to focus on getting more signs out on the street. Due to the hefty size of the filing fee, and donations falling short ( although I’m only asking for $5 per donor), my signs may only turn out to be the smallish variety that, a few of which, are already out there. My campaign motto is “be strong,” regardless of the obstacles and the odds, this is, after all, “The Heavyweight Bout of the Century.”

P.S. By the way, we need good prosecutors…in a previous post, “Best of Both Worlds,” I said as much, and hoped that Ferrell would be busting thugs, again…in January, 2022.

Roegner’s Quirkiness

A while ago, “journalist” Bob Roegner was writing about this mysterious, unnamed leftist practical mayoral candidate that, so far, has never appeared…although you never know, there’s still a couple of weeks. Now, he’s writing about another candidate, presumably, who, according to Roegner, is now supporting police personal attachment cameras and police review boards. Who’s he talking about? A mayoral candidate or a City Council candidate? Is he even talking about Federal Way? I know he’s not talking about me, because I don’t support review boards…that’s why we have county and city attorneys, and why they (at least the county attorney) have staffs.

Review boards, from around the country, seem to be just as much politics as objectivity, and probably more so. We don’t need to go down that road in Federal Way. As for cameras…that seems okay (I would like to hear all sides of that, regardless, but it appears to be more a budgeting concern than anything).

Meanwhile, back to Roegner’s cryptic writing. Since Roegner knows the answers to the earlier questions above, why would he not tell us the answers? Since when did journalism become a board game in which the object of the game is for readers or listeners to fill in the gaps?

Previous post:

P.S. (update): This is just speculation, but Roegner is probably referring to the mayor, regarding what he wrote about some politician’s newfound support for the things mentioned in the essay. It appears that now that some obviously pro-Ferrell group wrote a letter, I believe to the Federal Way Mirror, complaining about Roegner’s coverage of City Hall, Roegner’s suddenly treading gingerly and writing cryptically. I may even agree with Ferrell on some issues, but the timing of the group’s letter is certainly advantageous to Ferrell, just prior to election time…surprise, surprise, surprise.

P.P.S. Now, that I can’t rely on Facebook at any time, my campaign blogs become all-important for communication to my supporters. I’ll probably be writing something practically everyday, so keep a watch here or on the other sports-oriented blog (at the bottom of that website). Thanks.

The “Federal” In our Federal Way Logo Should Be More Than Just Name

Back in 2018, I believe, Mayor Jim Ferrell and the Council let leftists and the “woke” intelligentsia tell them that they couldn’t have a patriotic-themed logo for Federal Way. Their veto of a patriotic logo was not the consensus of Federal Way, I believe. If I had been mayor, I wouldn’t have backed down. I would have, actually, instituted that patriotic logo, but maybe with a couple of nuanced changes. After all, we who stand up for our nation are all nationalists. Nationalism, basically, means devotion to country, if you don’t let leftists and revolutionaries define your vocabulary.

Nationalist and nationalism are nothing to be ashamed of, if the words are not distorted, and, thereby, not confused with the most outlandish, tormented liberal/leftist propaganda, which tries to outlaw anything…including words…that doesn’t fit with their overly prized internationalism and globalism.

If so-called liberals’ definition of diversity means we, as a nation, don’t have our own defining characteristics and values, and a common united people that identifies with those values, which defines our overall national history and culture, then I’m not for their “diversity,” i.e., “globalist diversity.” When our Lord God toppled the Tower of Babylon in B.C., the world at large, basically, became nations with many different languages and customs, and here we are today (we that believe in nations)…not trying to change what God has wrought.

The logo that I will propose to the Council, if I’m elected, would be a change from the 2018 logo, but even more patriotic. I have nothing against Mount Rainier, but since it’s not within the boundaries of Federal Way, I wouldn’t want to retain it in a proposed revised logo. That, however, wasn’t the logic of most, if anyone, of those who vetoed the 2018 logo, I believe, they simply didn’t want any image of the American flag as part of the logo.

Their decision was based on being a little shy of patriotic undertakings, I believe, and that might be explained by the non-national origins of about half of the Council. I hope that most citizens of Federal Way would have a decidedly more American outlook for our logo, by showing not only our national flag image, but depictions of past presidents, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln…our nation’s two most renowned and greatest presidents. What could be more “Federal” than that?

P.S. Now, that I can’t rely on Facebook at any time, my campaign blogs become all-important for communication to my supporters. I’ll probably be writing something practically everyday, so keep a watch here or on the other sports-oriented blog (at the bottom of that website). Thanks.

Constantine “Wokeism”

Dow Constantine, the King County Executive, is part of the same far left movement that has kept kids out of school for much of the last year, and, the little time they are in the classrooms, is keeping unhealthy masks on their faces even as late as the present time. In this matter, particularly, schools have too much control over the individual liberties that parents grant their children or that children have on their own.

The far left movement is also indoctrinating kids in the schools with their anti-American, illiberal and offbeat brand of culture and politics. This should stop with state laws or municipal ordinances, similar to what Florida is now doing or trying to do. Schools need to get back to teaching basics, not preaching politics.

The far left movement is the initiator of the doomsday culture about climate change, though it’s very unhealthy, mentally, to plant this kind of fear in the minds of kids or adults, especially when it is based on nothing but hypotheses that do not consider the substantial contrarian scientific opinion.

The far left movement is the engineer of the “woke” hysteria that is destroying America from inside out, and, believe me, they are farther along in doing that than almost anybody thought possible at the beginning of the century. We won’t like the “new country” or countries they are planning for us. Dow Constantine is part of that movement. Dow Constantine has endorsed Jim Ferrell for Mayor of Federal Way. Think before you vote.