The Crazy A.O.C. Political Wing Seems To Be In Charge In D.C.

The decrepit, deceitful Biden regime that lied during the 2020 campaign by calling itself (in their campaign form) “moderate,” has in reality become the most crazy, radical presidential administration in United States history, in a few short months…apparently following or taking orders from crazy N.Y. Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez & Company…and has now ceded the […]

Teddy’s Dilemma and, One Hundred Years Later, Mine’s

Not a lot of people outside of Federal Way, except for the special interests and gentry supporting Ferrell, care about the mayoral election or the “two perennials” competing for mayor, here, which is why it was so easy for Big Internet Tech to throw me off of their platforms. I only thought about this topic, […]

The Sting

It reminds me of the 1973 Robert Redford movie, “The Sting,” but it is depressing to see Federal Way fall into the abyss of outside money, illusory transparency regarding not particularly wholesome city deals and contracts, floundering politicians, who represent us in Olympia, handcuffing our police from making arrests, big shots from outside the city […]

The Cable TV Host and the Reality of a Republic

Tucker Carlson is a good cable TV host (I’ve always liked him), but he seems slightly on the self-righteous side and likes to belittle politicians in general a lot. Considering the people that have been getting elected in the United States, lately, that’s understandable…to a degree. Nonetheless, if you’re going to have what’s called a […]

Libertyesque F.W.

I almost used “libertarian,” but I think that word (with all the confusing interpretations of it) gives the sense of individualistic overreach, which is problematic in some cases, so “libertyesque” works better. Therefore I’m strongly for liberty in the constitutional and natural law sense. A lot of these “pandemic” mandates, rules and regulations have veered […]

Incumbent Pols. — Grinning Like a Chess Cat, For Now

This is F.W., but they’ve been discussing a 4th-rate candidate in a King County Council District that’s not even ours’. As far as I know, the local political columnist is not perusing about the city primaries, at least not in his column (he’s been writing about next year’s Congressional elections — again, not even F.W.’s). […]

Biden, Ferrell and the Downfall of America

You see the lunacy and misery going on in the big cities with the leftists’ soft on crime approach, that is spreading to the smaller cities, too, through a number of terrible policies, e.g., Jesse Johnson’s “don’t-pursue-criminals” vote. If we don’t vote these liberal or leftist mayors and liberal-leftist politicians out of office, like Jim […]

What’s Bad For the Goose Is Bad For the Gander

State Senator Claire Wilson had the gall to write that families who want Christian values to be taught might benefit from private schools. Well, the same could be said about her radical left ideology in which she and people like her are trying to inculcate and indoctrinate elementary and high school students with. At least […]


Boxing Girl on the Home Page: As a youngster, she represents youth and defensiveness, thereby representing the harbinger of the future for us (America)…plus toughness…and Mark’s would-be mayoralty, with the help & support of Federal Way citizens, could set the foundation for that. Toughness is not just boxing, fighting and physical defense, it’s also being […]

Chief Versus Crazy Legislature

Our good, hard-working Police Chief, Andy Hwang, was very diplomatic in his long letter in the F.W. Mirror, today (a good letter), and he being Chief, that is understandable. Since I’m just a candidate for mayor, however, I’ve been calling them the crazy Washington Legislature, and they’ve been proving me right every day, a Legislature […]