No Primary for Mayor

This year, there are only two candidates for Mayor of Federal Way, me and the incumbent. Four years ago, there were three candidates, including me and Deputy Mayor Susan Honda. In 2017, regardless of whether I had run or not, I believe there would have been more than two candidates, and, therefore, a primary. I believe, speculatively, people supporting Ferrell (I’m not saying the official Ferrell campaign itself, but supporters) wanted a primary in ’17, and they had somebody lined up if I had not put my name on the ballot, but since I was on the ballot, that didn’t happen.

This year, people supporting Ferrell are more confident, probably taking their cue from the Ferrell camp, and so there’s no primary. That’s good for me in a number of ways, not the least of which is I don’t have to worry about a Primary, and can more freely plan for the General Election.

The Generation

We added “The Generation” to the “Friends of Mark” tagline on this website, so as to show in all the main titles, “Friends of (The Generation) Mark,” which has a double entendre meaning, indicating for one, that The Friends are of a young generation, either latter-day Millennial Generation or the succeeding early-day Generation Jumpstart. The primary meaning is that they are not just Friends of Mark, but Friends of their own generation, as this generation (latter Millennial – early Jumpstart) is in the forefront of increasing our outreach to younger voters in general, a “Sleeping Giant” in politics, and possibly determining election outcomes, if only they would vote and challenge conventional political thought, but that certainly doesn’t mean following the orders of a radical leftist weekly publication in Seattle (believe it or not, that weekly, once or more, said that their endorsements were orders). We suggest being independent thinking on every issue; do your own research and follow your own mind & philosophy.

The Mark Greene For Mayor campaign is going out of its way to attract younger voters in order to shake up the Federal Way mayoral race that “Empire” (the mainstream press) is obviously disregarding by keeping a biased curmudgeon as their political columnist (Roegner), who has been long controversial in Federal Way. Their regular reporter wasn’t impressive, either, with her May 20th, 2021 slight of the Greene campaign…but we think that’s the way it’s going to be with “Empire” all election season long, unfortunately.

We’re hoping to get “Generation” pamphleteers out on the streets to counteract “Empire’s” coverage, so please volunteer if you happen to be reading this essay (pick as many hours as you want to work, and, pretty much, select when you want to work those hours).

So-called Journalist Roegner’s Bias Makes My Day

This post will be kind of short, because what sparked it came earlier in the day than I expected. However, do not expect good coverage of my campaign by “EmpIre” (please read Gore Vidal’s historical novel someday) & their so-called journalist Bob Roegner. They are all hard-core in Ferrell’s camp, and if you want to give your vote to them by being swayed by their overt bias, that’s your choice, but I hope most people will follow my blog, at least, and speak to me out on the hustings or on the phone (5:30 PM – 7:30 PM hours), or contact me through my email (responses may take as long as 48 hours).

Roegner is going to be disrespecting this campaign throughout the election season, because, being honest, he’s hardly a journalist in conventional terms…he’s a paid hack. I am sure that he and “Empire” are extremely disappointed in who Ferrell’s challenger is. In Roegner’s case, at least, no radical leftist for him to praise in this mayoral election (oh, the horror), but tough luck. Even I admit that Ferrell is more liberal than leftist. The election is between me (Mark Greene) and Jim Ferrell, and I really have an extra opponent called the press, but the saving grace is that their credibility with the American people gets lower every passing year.

Very Practically Defunct

Wow, it looks like the King County Municipal League has become practically defunct, only a couple of years-or-so after they did their dirty work in 2015, with Roegner on their Board (which Mark didn't know at the time). Good riddance, but Mark won't get to tell them to "go fly a kite," unfortunately. 

Not many people seemed to notice that they never published the 2015 candidate questionnaires (an anomaly, to say the least), but they probably knew it wouldn't have looked good to compare Mark's questionnaire with the questionnaire of his then General Election opponent.

P.S.  The position that Mark ran for in 2015 was Federal Way City Council, Position 1.

Note: A joint communicative post (essay) between me & one of the several "Friends."

Federal Way 4th of July Festival Canceled

The Ferrell Machine, which runs Federal Way City Hall, canceled the annual 4th of July Festival. Last year (pretty much the beginning of the covid pandemic, though technically in 2019), the cancellation was understandable, but this year, a mayoral election year, the decision looks political. Even the governor, Jay Inslee, announced that things need to start opening up on June 30th. I’m not endorsing anything, but by July 4, anybody that wants to be vaccinated has been or can be (by the way, this vaccine is coming up with some problems, recently). Moreover, the federal CDC reportedly said, recently, that the risk of outdoor transmission of covid was 1% or thereabouts (they recalculated after earlier citing 10% or thereabouts). Many scientists and doctors believe even 1% is too high, and that outdoor transmission is rare or fractional, at best.

Even if Ferrell made his decision early, like reported in the Mirror (though they didn’t give a time for when the decision was made, I believe), he could have opted for a scaled back festival that, perhaps, didn’t have all the whistles and bells that we’re used to. That would have been better than outright cancelling it. This is bad for Federal Way. It’s not based on science except that if we never went anywhere, anytime, we would be a hundred times safer from everything…ridiculous, of course…and lastly, it’s not great for politics, because politicians won’t be able to set up their booths and talk with the people as usual. Liberals and leftists used the pandemic for their own political ends in 2020, and so far 2021 appears to be no different.

Maddening Senate Okays Human-Animal Hybrids

First, our country’s 1973 era Supreme Court legitimized abortion on demand, virtually regardless of the circumstances. Frankly, I was surprised when I learned, fairly recently, that the particular Court in that case was majority Republican-appointed (Republican politicians, in general, are not blameless for the large-scale abortion-on-demand legality and continuation, a lot of whom like to talk right, but actually do nothing about outlawing the abortion-on-demand practice).

Now, in recent weeks, largely Democratic Party U.S. senators have approved mad scientists taking aborted human embryos and mixing or combining them with whatever animal they want (mice, chimpanzees, etc.) to design/engineer a human-animal hybrid or so-called chimera. Nonetheless, that includes Republicans and Independents as well, depending on how many of them voted for the overall so-called tech bill that passed just today, I believe.

Mad scientists are also conducting other kinds of experiments with embryos and fetuses, and the human life being tinkered with is not necessarily deceased. Of course, all of it abominable and a crime against God, if not a statutory crime anywhere in the United States. If elected mayor, I’ll push for Federal Way to outlaw all of it through ordinances.

Tribute To Federal Way Women, Generally

The All-American Relief & Mark Greene Committee pays true and full respect and tribute to the women of Federal Way. You, who are the carriers of life. You, who have faithfully lifted up our city to the honor of being one of the most recognized in the State of Washington, and even on the radar nationally, on occasion, with Olympic-quality swimming. You, who work at virtually every occupation, including housewife, to ensure that the wheels of civilization roll on to every memorable year, every passing decade, and every succeeding generation. You, who bring the joy of life in countless different ways. Finally, a special thank you to the athletic and swimming class of women and girls, who have brought notice to Federal Way across the United States, compliments of those who actually compete, and our city’s appreciation of sports, including being the permanent host of the King County/Federal Way Aquatic Center.

The Mark Greene For Mayor campaign thanks you all.

Inside The Gates

According to journalist Maria Bartiromo, even Biden thinks that China wants to own America within a mere generation, not that Biden is doing anything except helping them do just that. Through Biden’s Open Borders Policy and his feckless submission to Chinese rulers and military warlords, his government is helping to bring about the downfall of America (you see, Biden is corrupt). “UnAmericans” are already inside the gates by the multitudes, radical domestic/home-grown & foreign, including many naturalized (but I’m not saying or implying the majority of that huge latter group), that could care less about the sovereignty and integrity of America.

This includes the two foreign radicals in Seattle, Pramila Jayapal and Kshama Sawant, who are doing everything in their power to weaken the United States of America, yet, the delusional, to put it nicely, leftist and liberal Seattle voters have put them in power and are keeping them there. Jayapal is practically in total agreement with Biden and his “Open Borders,” if not one of the behind-the-scenes policymakers of it, though earlier this year, chided Biden for not letting in enough foreigners, who will, eventually, dominate our entire country that she and her leftist comrade, Sawant, obviously, care little for, as it’s presently constituted. Yet, she’s in Congress (George Orwell should be enshrined as the prophet of the 20th century).

China’s Xi Jinping is likely counting on the open borders of America, the radical leftists (like Jayapal and Sawant) causing chaos and disorder, and his, probably, tens of thousands of spies inside our nation giving him everything he needs to complete his plan to “own America.” Yet, we, America, continue to allow him to have operatives inside our universities and colleges, and, pretty much, look the other way as they control seditious, crooked politicians who should be tried for treason. They already have their hooks on Congressman Eric Swalwell and many other American politicians that the media talks less about or don’t know about, moreover, no telling if one or two of our own local politicians are ensnared in a “honey trap,” or something less oblique than that (that’s all I’ll say about local politicians, because it’s just speculation, and so-called journalist Bob Roegner may already be going bonkers with what I’ve written so far, if he reads this blog).

What we’re allowing China to get away with is insanity, and Biden knows it, but Biden doesn’t give a damn, because he’ll be living in a mansion whether a Xi-appointed viceroy (or his successor’s) is in charge of America, by circa 2040 (or sooner), or he’s president of the United States.

FOOTNOTE: Great journalist Maria Bartiromo’s Sunday show was illuminating, today (6/6/21). By the way, please don’t let anybody distort my words as meaning something that I didn’t write, say, or imply. I respect human beings and look at them as individuals, not races, by and large, wherever they’re from and whatever their race is, and have associated with all races (even if negligibly) and been nice to all in some way. I, generally, treat none differently.

F.W. Should Ban Tinkering With Embryos

A certain, so-called scientific outfit wants to extend the time limit on research on human embryos. Here’s my answer to them…NO RESEARCH PERIOD. The Republican majority Congress and the Republican President of 2017 – 2019 should have banned any research on embryos (and Congresses before that one should have as well); so now, the Democratic majority Congress and President, now presiding, should do the same, but that’s far less likely.

I just learned today, according to, that the countries of Germany, Russia, Turkey, Italy and Austria do not allow any research on human embryos (I believe those were just examples, not the extensive list of countries that ban such research), but the United States is not one of them, but should be.

If elected mayor, I’ll propose that our city lead the way in shaping legislation that bans any kind of research on embryos, and that the deceased unborn are memorialized and/or their remains treated the same as the born. Regarding the latter point, respectful treatment of a deceased embryo is more an issue with abortion than any other kind of death, but regarding the ordinance, how the embryo unfortunately perished would not be written into it.

Incidentally, everyone knows I’m pro-life, and would outlaw abortion except to preserve the health or save the life of the mother. Many are pro-life, and in our country, women are the leaders of this movement.

By Commoners and Citizens

I never realized how hard it is for people to give donations the old-fashioned way; you know, put the check or money order in an envelope, and drop it in a mail box…too much work for the 21st century…so again, I’m redoubling efforts to have an internet payment system for this website (and others), but that’s not going particularly well, either. One well-known merchant company is a little batty with their “thousand” hoops to jump through, but their dislike for centrists and conservatives is so bizarre, I’m not that compelled to jump through them. I’ve been looking at various other merchant companies and not using them for one reason or another, but the last one or two that I’m focusing on may finally be the key, so I’ll make an announcement on the front page when or if that happens…hopefully soon.

My campaign only asks for $5 apiece, one-time, from contributors. This is not the Ferrell Machine that gets one thousand-dollar-or-more checks from out-of-town rich folks and businesses. My campaign is dependent on Federal Way commoners and citizens…not gentry…citizens that can donate $5 or less, and if I’m lucky, I’ll have a “donate” button on this website for that, soon. We need, at least, $500 to put a lot of decent campaign signs all over Federal Way. I have already loaned my campaign around $1700, and that will likely, though not necessarily, turn into an outright gift. We will get campaign paraphernalia, other campaign tools, and pay volunteer stipends with the first one or two thousand dollars we collect before paying off any loan, if any are paid off at all (but to be honest, my loan, in particular, will probably not be paid off). The campaign will probably not do mail-outs unless the donations are better than expected, which is why we’ll need, at least, 8-or-so general volunteers to go door-to-door in Federal Way with thousands of old leaflets that can be turned into makeshift; leaflets that are already paid for and owned. Thank you.

Wanted: Cheerleaders At Ringside

We’re trying to fill out the “Friends of Mark” ranks throughout this month of June, 2021…and beyond…and we need to be particularly local for this election season (in other words, Seattle-Federal Way-Tacoma area), but All-America is welcome to apply, regardless. “Friends of Mark” are the elite volunteers for the campaign, and you can read about the details on our membership page. Industriousness, Western civilizational, as well as being God-fearing, athletic and strong-minded, are the traits that elder statesman Mark is looking for. The “ringside” terminology is about promoting this campaign as “The Heavyweight Bout of the Century,” as the Greene campaign goes up against the Ferrell Machine (out-of-town gentry and out-of-touch liberalism presiding over Federal Way).

“Friends of Mark” are just one aspect of our volunteer ranks, which the campaign stresses is elite and limited, and are essentially cheerleaders with a different or more comprehensive range of electioneering tasks than general volunteers, but just about anybody, male or female, can be in the General Volunteer ranks, so please sign up for the latter if the former doesn’t fit you or not your cup of tea. See the “contact page” for more information about “General Volunteers.”

“Empire” is Trying to Put Ferrell in a Good Light and Me in a Bad One

I wrote about “Empire” in one of the earlier posts, so as you know, they started off the active election season, after the May 21st candidate filing deadline, by calling me “perennial,” which is trying to be subtly insulting, at least, and by inference (wink, wink), you don’t need to take this election seriously. Now, today, they had a picture of Ferrell in his suit, looking diplomatic, while standing next to a “political” flag that looks like it’s getting the same exact standing as the American flag; so, effectively, putting it on par with our national flag.

So if you remember the old TV show, “Lost In Space”…”Warning, Warning”…this is the way “Empire” is going to do the election all summer and autumn long (the late Gore Vidal warned about the press, read his novel), which will be great for Ferrell, but not so great for me, putting it mildly. If I have learned anything from 2015, responding to the press bias by grousing and writing about it is not going to do a lot of good…though it’ll help some…so I, along with “the Friends,” will be taking my campaign to the People, and maybe doing some P.T. Barnum-like sideshows along the way. A little fun mixed in with the intellectualism.

The Biden Land Rush

With their “co-conspirators” in the Mainstream Media keeping it under wraps (not talking about it, not reporting it), the Biden Government is quietly trying to get as many foreigners to invade America, i.e., come in illegally, or otherwise, as they can possibly get away with, without their government becoming a synonym for Benedict Arnold. Everything from all but abolishing Immigration & Customs Enforcement to 99.9% open borders; from giving just about every second-or-third-world foreigner that wants one, some kind of visa or asylum, to trying to get Americans comfortable in learning the “new” language…Spanish.

The Biden Government is the “invasion” government, and everything is going according to plan for the radical left, which pretty much means undermining the sovereignty of America and turning it into an international haven, which no real American will recognize in a decade if the Biden Government actually gets away with their brazen breach of national protocol and security. Moreover, if, in fact, they’re more successful than they or anyone could have ever imagined (and with the weak political opposition to their open borders operation, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be), the United States will have at least 400 million people by the start of the next presidential term, Jan. 20th, 2025.

Right now, our population is calculated at 331 million people or thereabouts (at best, only 300 million of those are actual citizens; maybe, really, only 280 or 290 million). 400 M would be about a 17% increase in just 4 short years. 20% is a more realistic number, because the Biden Government has the most fanatical internationalist, UnAmerican radicals inside it than any other government in American history, by a mile (including Obama’s). These drastic, quick increases in the population, especially with all the foreigners, will affect poor people, lower middle class, and people on modest fixed incomes the most dramatically, and not for the best.

Biden campaigned as a moderate, but is governing like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (she’s surprised, or kind of surprised, that his government turned out so “good,” by her standards)…so the Biden campaign was one of the biggest frauds in American history from turning away from what they campaigned on to how, in fact, they’re actually governing. They knew they were lying in the campaign (a caveat, however, Biden did say something in the campaign about how a couple of million foreigners moving in wouldn’t bother him)…with what is now known as their so-called moderate campaign, and their “for unity” inauguration farce…and are, effectively, trying to overturn the Revolution of 1776 through their slight, thanks-to-the -pandemic “victory.”

FOOTNOTE: For all the nonsense that Biden spews about his so-called concern for “black America,” it’s interesting that his “invasion,” which as I recounted above, and if fully successful (as it probably will be, unfortunately), would account for 17% of the American population, and that would be larger than the entire black American population, which is said to be about 13%, currently, but probably never more than 19%, historically, only counting real black Americans…not the more-or-less newly arrived African foreigners. So all Biden’s foreign newcomers, in 4 short years, would outstrip the entire population of real black America. That’s some “concern.” Biden is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, just like the radical left in general, when he starts talking his malarkey about how much he likes or loves blacks. P.S.: I take Wikipedia with a grain of salt, but it sounds reasonable that their number for the highest percentage of blacks, historically, was in the 18th and 19th centuries (around 19%).

Freedom From Masks

There comes a point in the covid pandemic, when enough people are immunized one way or the other, that people should be allowed to go about their business in public areas without being mandated to wear masks, at least in the least sensitive of public places…the exceptions are hospitals, old age homes, and so forth. This pandemic could last 5 years, maybe longer. Adjustments and risk-benefit assessments have to be made. Government plays a role in that and should ensure that people have the freedom to be mask-free in most cases.

Schools are one area in which masks should not be mandated since it has always been the case that covid affects young people in rare cases, especially minors, among other things (like being generally unhealthy not being able to breathe normally), and at this point, any teacher or staffer that chooses to be immunized through the vaccines either has been or could be, but I’m strongly against vaccine mandates or passports (mandates are against natural law). By the way, so-called passports are almost the same as mandates, so just as bad.

Schools should be opened, in person, full-time, but parents that don’t want their children to attend a mask-free school should have the option, until the pandemic is officially over, to have remote learning, via the schools, wherever, but most likely in their own homes, or have the liberty of home-schooling, pandemic or not, through their own means.

Freedom from masks…that’s what my campaign wants, and if you’re an adult or a student that agrees with me, you might want to support/vote for me for mayor, especially since I hear few other politicians being as forthright about this issue, one way or the other, as I am.


My mayoralty will be an old-fashioned one. There will be the usual town meetings at City Hall, regular order; good advice from our citizens will be acted upon; identity politics will be persona non grata in the mayor’s office; merit will be the rule of the day…everyday; content of character will thrive; Western civilization will be valued; American flags will ring our city; “nothing without hard work” will be our motto, and I’ll even suggest that to the Council as our official motto, because there is no opportunity without hard work; citizens will be front and center; and liberty and freedom will thrive. Old America! Old Federal Way! Tradition!

Mad Scientists and the Role of the Government

Crazy experiments on aborted, assumedly lifeless, or maybe miscarried or stillborn, fetuses going on in our country, today; aborted fetus cells being used for pharmaceutical mills; scientists making viruses more virulent (for what?), and then giving China the blueprint; others trying to breed part human and part mouse, and probably other human-animal hybrids, for their crazed scientific experiments; just to name a few of the unethical, to put it mildly, experiments going on in the laboratories these days.

Government, especially the federal government, needs to do more to find out what’s going on in the laboratories and, if what they’re finding out is unethical or outright immoral, step in and stop it. The City of Federal Way could be at the forefront of bringing this important subject to the attention of America through ordinances that will serve notice to the practitioners and enablers of “mad science” that our town won’t tolerate it if you even think about bringing it here…and greater America shouldn’t tolerate it, either.

Independence & First Amendment

The social media giants learned that I do not yield to the penalty of being denied on their “free” platforms…in order to conform to their ethos, which is increasingly totalitarian and conformist. They sure followed my writing like a hawk, though, so I’m sure they read about Christian values, and I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them is that one aspect of so-called vaccine hesitancy might be because some people don’t want any part of the abortion business, and that includes any utilitarian benefit, even if life-saving, given to them through the use of aborted fetus cells that three of the initially marketed U.S. anti-covid vaccines have come from, I believe (less sure about the fourth or fifth that may also be marketed, to date).

That’s why my “mayoral initiatives” includes a proposed ordinance in which at least one city in the United States will take a stand against using aborted fetuses for medicinal production (emphasis on the word “production,” which means the making of), and really, that should be expanded to any scientific experimentation whatsoever, or use, other than proper memorialization of the deceased.

We all have freedom of thought, thank God, that’s what the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution is about, after all.

Incidentally, I think they’re going to nickname me “Perennial” in the Mirror for the rest of the campaign…please read the late, great author Gore Vidal’s “Empire” (historical novel) when you get a chance, it is amply about newspapers at the Turn of the 20th Century…it hasn’t changed a lot since then.

P.S. For those that can’t read particularly well, I’m not trying to ban vaccines that have been approved and marketed, only alter how the ones that come from unethical processes are made in the future.

P.P.S. This looks like a Canadian provincial government website (B.C.), and they’re implying that the AstraZeneca vaccine (which I believe is or would be the 4th marketed anti-covid vaccine in the U.S.) comes from aborted fetus cell lines. However, regarding the previously approved mRNA vaccines (2 of the initial 3 vaccines approved in the U.S.), they’re saying they don’t, which conflicts with previous research I’ve done, so I’m skeptical about this latter point of the B.C. government statement.

From Mark’s Volunteers & $5-per-Contributor Campaign to Ferrell’s Thousand Dollar Donors

Membership in Friends of Mark costs zero, not even a penny. Several of Jim Ferrell’s donors or contributors, nevertheless, send him as much as a thousand dollars or more. Who in the world has a thousand dollars to send to a politician except a rich person? The money of the rich is the backbone of Ferrell’s campaign, as well as, likely, the CEOs of the businesses, per se, that send his campaign money, too.

Jim Ferrell’s campaign is funded, pretty much, by the rich (Mark only asks for $5 from his contributors), and these “friends of Jim,” to put it colloquially, are probably going to want their interests to come ahead of the city, at large. “At large?”…that’s putting it nicely, considering that in most of these cases, the period would come after “city,” since most of the Ferrell campaign’s high-paying contributors (a thousand dollars or more) aren’t even from Federal Way.

A New State Per Season

The Biden government’s outlandish and intentional open borders policy is allowing illegal foreigners, overwhelmingly adult males, comparable in numbers to the population of the State of Wyoming, into the United States every season, in other words, every 3 months, as Wyoming has a population of, roughly, half-a-million people. Since when do U.S. presidential administrations openly encourage foreign invasions of our nation? The policy is unprecedented and ripe for impeachment grounds.

Most of the organizations that are endorsing my opponent, Jim Ferrell, for mayor, either agree with, don’t object to, or encourage Biden’s open borders policy (I can tell by the questionnaires they send me, among other things). I don’t know what Ferrell’s position is on this matter, but the people that endorse him must think that he thinks like they do, for the most part. I believe most of their rank-and-file members follow their own mind, thankfully, in voting, even if they come to the same conclusion, not their union’s endorsement, which, by the way, is counterintuitive to their members’ economics. Does anybody really believe we can continue this unprecedented, let-every-and-anyone-come-in policy and still have a United States of America in a generation’s time? It’s insanity.

City Likely To Have Put Leftist Flags On 320th St., Replacing American Ones

Unless some clandestine person or group was stealthily putting flags up, that celebrate a particular type(s) of sexual orientation, on public utility poles on 320th Street, where small American flags used to be, then Jim Ferrell’s City of Federal Way government is responsible. This conduct by our city government, if they are responsible, as seems likely, is outlandish. No matter what the affiliation or orientation is; a public municipal display for this subject matter is not appropriate.

Our government has no business propagating leftist sexual mores on the streets or in the classrooms, which some, probably many, public school districts are doing regarding the latter. We need a rearguard action to get traditional-minded school board members or commissioners elected, and to stop this albatross of indoctrinating school kids with leftist culture and revisionist history. The schools need to get back to teaching reading, writing and arithmetic, not preaching politics.

As for Jim Ferrell’s mayoralty/government, I believe the city announced that they were putting up the same type of flag, assumedly much bigger than the ones on 320th, in front of City Hall on June 1st. This is an affront to all the citizens of Federal Way that do not share the cultural mores of the radical left, nor want any flag whatsoever about the subject matter in front of City Hall, nor in any municipal setting. This seems to be a fait accompli for the moment, but we can fire Jim Ferrell in November and get back to staid, traditional American mores for municipal government next year.

Anti-Crime and Anti-Thug Sympathy

Seeing and hearing about some of the most craziest crimes day after day on television, when innocent people are the victims of heartless, merciless thugs, not only makes the average person sad, you wonder why virtually all the wailing and crying from the “activists” is almost always when some thug gets in an altercation with police and ends up dying.  You almost never see this wailing and crying when countless more innocent people are murdered or maimed by the brutal thugs, themselves, except, of course, from the family members and friends of the victims.  

Moreover, it’s one thing to say that a thug received an illegal blow from the police, but it’s another thing to glorify the thug, or have a pope-like funeral ceremony for a careerist thug…sort of like having one for the Bible’s notorious Barabbas, if he had lived in the present era. Better that glory be saved for an innocent victim of a thug, particularly a victim who wasn’t or didn’t happen to be a thug, himself/herself.

Meanwhile, the radical left, who are somehow getting elected to positions of power in alarming and significant numbers, are passing all sorts of thug-sympathy legislation…everything from cashless bail, so thugs don’t have to sit in jail and think about their most recent crimes, to crazily de-funding the police, so that it’s even harder to catch murderers, rapists, armed robbers, etc., than it used to be (and it wasn’t easy back in the day, if successful at all).  I could write a real long essay about the radical left’s thug sympathy predilections, who managed to come within one supportive vote of the Washington State Supreme Court releasing the Green River Killer, believe it or not, and some of the craziest left, who want to abolish prisons altogether, but I’ll keep this short.

If we vote the right way, and that includes ousting the two leftists (Baruso and Craft) that Ferrell appointed as councilmembers, although, amazingly, there’s only one Candidate Filing Day left for them to have any election opposition at all (anybody, please, run now, it’s less than a couple of hundred dollars to get on the ballot), at least there’ll be one more bastion of sanity in the United States, along with a few others, and that would be called Federal Way.

P.S. We put this under really big news, since you can’t go a day without hearing about some of the most outrageous crime ever in the United States, and yet the thug-sympathizers-in-power keep getting elected. We need to make sure that Baruso and Craft get some election/ballot opposition, tomorrow (that’s the last day to file). If you need help on how to file, just call the King County Elections Office…it’s not hard, and for Federal Way City Council, I think it’s about 150 to 200 dollars. File for positions 2 or 5. Thank you.

Bout of the Century: The Great Patriot Hope

Greene vrs. Ferrell: The Heavyweight Bout of the Century, Federal Way, Washington 

Yes, I’m the underdog in this match, but I am representing All-American lore & values, the stars & stripes, tradition, the Common Man Citizen and nationhood. With any luck, we, that support my campaign, can rally the patriotism and hopes of our great Federal Way citizenry and take back our city from the clutches of so-called liberalism, gradual leftism and romanticized Marxism, and those forces that are trying to force-walk Federal Way along the same route as radical Seattle.

This is the last great stand to keep King County from going 100% leftist, essentially a pro-democracy effort against Insleeism, totalitarianism and the internationalist/globalist canon that is enveloping over our nation so quickly that the “New Leninist” effort to consolidate their newfound power could be complete before the 2024 presidential election, which they would likely either cancel or turn into a laughable Potemkin affair, the outcome of which would not be in doubt, and the ruin of America practically complete.

Let’s make all that a little less certain with All-American victories from township to township, town to town, and city to city, in the nation at-large, with relatively unknown, little Federal Way leading the way.

Just Updated Mark’s Mayoral Initiatives

We just updated “Mark’s Mayoral Initiatives” page, especially a broader review of what Mark’s proposed Federal Way Emergency Contingency Club would do, and, among other things, an addition on that page of Mark’s proposed would-be, privately-owned American Art Museum in F.W., with a just announced new aspect, as a back-up plan, that involves the Performing Arts & Events Center (PAEC).

P.S. Now, that I can’t rely on Facebook at any time, my campaign blogs become all-important for communication to my supporters. I’ll probably be writing something practically everyday, so keep a watch here or on the other sports-oriented blog (at the bottom of that website). Thanks.

The Friends

Yes, I’ll admit, that most of my Friends are models, but most of them just like me as an elder statesman…and they’re not getting paid for any website photos. They’re wonderful! They’re patient, understanding, industrious, and strong young women, who realize that everything that I do in politics is for the Common Man, as I, myself, am just a commoner. The Friends are always with me, and I am honored by their presence.

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Form Problem

When our committee (the All-American Relief & Mark Greene Committee) noticed that we weren’t getting any messages on the forms of this relatively new website, particularly the one from the “contact & donate” page, we sent something to ourselves to check it out, but no telling where it went, since it didn’t come back to us. We weren’t able to fix the problem thus far, so we just deleted all forms and put an explanatory message on the “contact” page (see further below…in the box). If you happen to be someone that may have sent us a message through the forms, we didn’t get it, unfortunately, so please send your message(s) again. Now, we’re asking everybody that wants to write us to just write directly to Mark’s email address, which is listed on the “contact” page. Thank you.

Notice on the "contact & donate" page:

If you sent something on the form that was previously here, but now has been deleted, we didn't receive it due to a malfunction or disruption of some kind, please write again through the email above (no form); thanks.