Biden, Ferrell and the Downfall of America

You see the lunacy and misery going on in the big cities with the leftists’ soft on crime approach, that is spreading to the smaller cities, too, through a number of terrible policies, e.g., Jesse Johnson’s “don’t-pursue-criminals” vote. If we don’t vote these liberal or leftist mayors and liberal-leftist politicians out of office, like Jim Ferrell, Jesse Johnson, Martin Moore (a political opportunist who votes liberal often and calls himself a Republican) & Company, these cascading, relatively small but tragic events in the cities could lead to the fall of America over time. That’s not hyperbole…consider Ancient Rome, seriously. Look at what the Biden – Harris government is doing, just letting millions of foreigners walk into the U.S. illegally, they’re estimating 2 million by the end of the year (that’s the size of an entire state, or two or three small ones). In sane countries, they call this an invasion.

Crazy columnist Roegner seemed to cryptically suggest that Ferrell was going to allow a police review board to be instituted in Federal Way, which would make Roegner’s heart glad. A would-be Kangaroo Court. Yet, the Police Union still backs Ferrell? Interesting.

Ferrell and the City already hired, effectively, a “Critical Race Theory” Director to meddle in city government affairs, which is going to put identity politics on steroids. More leftist lunacy. I hope the citizens think over their options very carefully. Many Americans were fooled into thinking Biden is a moderate. They got taken, he’s already the most radical president in history. Federal Way shouldn’t make the same mistake about Ferrell, he’s buying into the same leftist mantra, from his eagerness to fly Rainbow and pan-African flags to hiring what looks like a Critical Race Theorist.

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