Author: Mark Greene For Mayor of Federal Way

Federal Way 4th of July Festival Canceled

The Ferrell Machine, which runs Federal Way City Hall, canceled the annual 4th of July Festival. Last year (pretty much the beginning of the covid pandemic, though technically in 2019), the cancellation was understandable, but this year, a mayoral election year, the decision looks political. Even the governor, Jay Inslee, announced that things need to […]

Maddening Senate Okays Human-Animal Hybrids

First, our country’s 1973 era Supreme Court legitimized abortion on demand, virtually regardless of the circumstances. Frankly, I was surprised when I learned, fairly recently, that the particular Court in that case was majority Republican-appointed (Republican politicians, in general, are not blameless for the large-scale abortion-on-demand legality and continuation, a lot of whom like to […]

F.W. Should Ban Tinkering With Embryos

A certain, so-called scientific outfit wants to extend the time limit on research on human embryos. Here’s my answer to them…NO RESEARCH PERIOD. The Republican majority Congress and the Republican President of 2017 – 2019 should have banned any research on embryos (and Congresses before that one should have as well); so now, the Democratic […]

Wanted: Cheerleaders At Ringside

We’re trying to fill out the “Friends of Mark” ranks throughout this month of June, 2021…and beyond…and we need to be particularly local for this election season (in other words, Seattle-Federal Way-Tacoma area), but All-America is welcome to apply, regardless. “Friends of Mark” are the elite volunteers for the campaign, and you can read about […]

“Empire” is Trying to Put Ferrell in a Good Light and Me in a Bad One

I wrote about “Empire” in one of the earlier posts, so as you know, they started off the active election season, after the May 21st candidate filing deadline, by calling me “perennial,” which is trying to be subtly insulting, at least, and by inference (wink, wink), you don’t need to take this election seriously. Now, […]

Mad Scientists and the Role of the Government

Crazy experiments on aborted, assumedly lifeless, or maybe miscarried or stillborn, fetuses going on in our country, today; aborted fetus cells being used for pharmaceutical mills; scientists making viruses more virulent (for what?), and then giving China the blueprint; others trying to breed part human and part mouse, and probably other human-animal hybrids, for their […]

From Mark’s Volunteers & $5-per-Contributor Campaign to Ferrell’s Thousand Dollar Donors

Membership in Friends of Mark costs zero, not even a penny. Several of Jim Ferrell’s donors or contributors, nevertheless, send him as much as a thousand dollars or more. Who in the world has a thousand dollars to send to a politician except a rich person? The money of the rich is the backbone of […]

A New State Per Season

The Biden government’s outlandish and intentional open borders policy is allowing illegal foreigners, overwhelmingly adult males, comparable in numbers to the population of the State of Wyoming, into the United States every season, in other words, every 3 months, as Wyoming has a population of, roughly, half-a-million people. Since when do U.S. presidential administrations openly […]

City Likely To Have Put Leftist Flags On 320th St., Replacing American Ones

Unless some clandestine person or group was stealthily putting flags up, that celebrate a particular type(s) of sexual orientation, on public utility poles on 320th Street, where small American flags used to be, then Jim Ferrell’s City of Federal Way government is responsible. This conduct by our city government, if they are responsible, as seems […]

Bout of the Century: The Great Patriot Hope

Greene vrs. Ferrell: The Heavyweight Bout of the Century, Federal Way, Washington 2021 Yes, I’m the underdog in this match, but I am representing All-American lore & values, the stars & stripes, tradition, the Common Man Citizen and nationhood. With any luck, we, that support my campaign, can rally the patriotism and hopes of our […]

Just Updated Mark’s Mayoral Initiatives

We just updated “Mark’s Mayoral Initiatives” page, especially a broader review of what Mark’s proposed Federal Way Emergency Contingency Club would do, and, among other things, an addition on that page of Mark’s proposed would-be, privately-owned American Art Museum in F.W., with a just announced new aspect, as a back-up plan, that involves the Performing […]

Need An Energy Failsafe Sans Computers

With the attack on the privately owned Eastern oil company by foreign computer hackers, that affected Atlantic Seaboard oil & gas supplies, this is a wake-up call to national, state and local governments, and the need to develop failsafe systems that are not dependent on computers. Although the immediate problem for our nation, in this […]