Author: Mark Greene For Mayor of Federal Way

Ferrell & Co., including Empire, Are Laughing…Enough Volunteers Could Stop the Guffawing

We’re not getting enough volunteers, and the soft-on-criminals, woke-oriented, rainbow flag flying, critical race theory & affirmative action apologist Ferrell Machine and their friends at Empire are laughing at us and the ease at which they think this mayoral election is going for them. Empire, of course, has been a big help to them by […]

Become A Federal Way Sector Representative By 15th of August 2021 (2 hrs.-a-week minimum)

Updated (7/28/21): We would like to have all 7 sector representatives in place by August 15th. We divided Federal Way into 7 political sectors for Mark’s campaign, and the particular sector representative will be responsible for talking to their sector residents about Mark’s mayoral run, passing out leaflets, and recruiting their friends, if possible, to […]

Ferrell & F.W. Hire An “Affirmative Action” Director

The City of Federal Way hired for a new position that they call the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Coordinator (part of the so-called critical race theory language)…in others words, an “Affirmative Action” Director, even though the state’s people have repeatedly said they don’t want affirmative action despite the crazy Washington Legislature finding ways around doing […]

My Mayoralty Will Assist Parents and Defy Teachers’ Unions

Now, the so-called teachers’ unions are talking about mandating anti-covid vaccinations for all public school students. Who gave them the right to determine what kind of medical treatment students should have? Nobody…and they don’t have that right, it belongs to the parents. These are the same teachers’ unions that kept students out of the classroom […]

The Stronger, Assertive Posture Has Been Egged On By the “Usual Suspects”

I was content to be just slightly less placid than the run-of-the-mill politician, but the Friends pretty much wanted me to be a lot more assertive in taking on the Ferrell Machine, so I relented. Throughout my life, I’ve had a reputation for being kind of a nice guy, but the Leo Durocher argument eventually […]

Roegner & Ferrell: Useful Dunces For the Radical Left In Trying to Destroy America

Even as I had already decided on a topic for today’s post, in the background, on TV, I’m listening to a clown who happens to also be the mayor of Kansas City, Missouri, named Quinton Lucas. Lucas cut his police department budget by 20%. Then the host of the program, Chris Wallace, asked him about […]

Elections Should Start Verifying Registrations Better, More or Maybe At All

This is going to be kind of a short post, for now (because I’m busy), but I have real doubts as to whether the King County Department of Elections is verifying the citizenship status of those filing voting registrations, now, or who have filed registrations in the past. Foreigners are not allowed to vote in […]

Alternatives to the Left’s Political School Indoctrination

Radical leftists in the Washington Legislature, enabled by fellow leftist Governor Jay Inslee, are institutionalizing so-called critical race theory (CRT) in Washington schools. CRT is bizarre, to put it mildly, a big lie, and divisive. It should be banned in schools, not institutionalized, but that’s going to be a long political battle, and so far, […]

Police Union May Want To Reconsider Their Endorsement For Mayor

As much as a sub-standard journalist that Bob Roegner is, even a stopped clock is right twice a day, so Roegner may be on to something when he implied in his last article (and possibly cryptically in a previous one) that Jim Ferrell is suddenly deferring to liberals and leftists when it comes to their […]

So-called Journalist Roegner’s Bias Makes My Day

This post will be kind of short, because what sparked it came earlier in the day than I expected. However, do not expect good coverage of my campaign by “EmpIre” (please read Gore Vidal’s historical novel someday) & their so-called journalist Bob Roegner. They are all hard-core in Ferrell’s camp, and if you want to […]