Anti-Crime and Anti-Thug Sympathy

Seeing and hearing about some of the most craziest crimes day after day on television, when innocent people are the victims of heartless, merciless thugs, not only makes the average person sad, you wonder why virtually all the wailing and crying from the “activists” is almost always when some thug gets in an altercation with police and ends up dying.  You almost never see this wailing and crying when countless more innocent people are murdered or maimed by the brutal thugs, themselves, except, of course, from the family members and friends of the victims.  

Moreover, it’s one thing to say that a thug received an illegal blow from the police, but it’s another thing to glorify the thug, or have a pope-like funeral ceremony for a careerist thug…sort of like having one for the Bible’s notorious Barabbas, if he had lived in the present era. Better that glory be saved for an innocent victim of a thug, particularly a victim who wasn’t or didn’t happen to be a thug, himself/herself.

Meanwhile, the radical left, who are somehow getting elected to positions of power in alarming and significant numbers, are passing all sorts of thug-sympathy legislation…everything from cashless bail, so thugs don’t have to sit in jail and think about their most recent crimes, to crazily de-funding the police, so that it’s even harder to catch murderers, rapists, armed robbers, etc., than it used to be (and it wasn’t easy back in the day, if successful at all).  I could write a real long essay about the radical left’s thug sympathy predilections, who managed to come within one supportive vote of the Washington State Supreme Court releasing the Green River Killer, believe it or not, and some of the craziest left, who want to abolish prisons altogether, but I’ll keep this short.

If we vote the right way, and that includes ousting the two leftists (Baruso and Craft) that Ferrell appointed as councilmembers, although, amazingly, there’s only one Candidate Filing Day left for them to have any election opposition at all (anybody, please, run now, it’s less than a couple of hundred dollars to get on the ballot), at least there’ll be one more bastion of sanity in the United States, along with a few others, and that would be called Federal Way.

P.S. We put this under really big news, since you can’t go a day without hearing about some of the most outrageous crime ever in the United States, and yet the thug-sympathizers-in-power keep getting elected. We need to make sure that Baruso and Craft get some election/ballot opposition, tomorrow (that’s the last day to file). If you need help on how to file, just call the King County Elections Office…it’s not hard, and for Federal Way City Council, I think it’s about 150 to 200 dollars. File for positions 2 or 5. Thank you.

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