A New State Per Season

The Biden government’s outlandish and intentional open borders policy is allowing illegal foreigners, overwhelmingly adult males, comparable in numbers to the population of the State of Wyoming, into the United States every season, in other words, every 3 months, as Wyoming has a population of, roughly, half-a-million people. Since when do U.S. presidential administrations openly encourage foreign invasions of our nation? The policy is unprecedented and ripe for impeachment grounds.

Most of the organizations that are endorsing my opponent, Jim Ferrell, for mayor, either agree with, don’t object to, or encourage Biden’s open borders policy (I can tell by the questionnaires they send me, among other things). I don’t know what Ferrell’s position is on this matter, but the people that endorse him must think that he thinks like they do, for the most part. I believe most of their rank-and-file members follow their own mind, thankfully, in voting, even if they come to the same conclusion, not their union’s endorsement, which, by the way, is counterintuitive to their members’ economics. Does anybody really believe we can continue this unprecedented, let-every-and-anyone-come-in policy and still have a United States of America in a generation’s time? It’s insanity.

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